At MPR, we believe the credentialing and enrollment process is the first step in patient care. We take that responsibility seriously and we are here to meet your needs and help you serve your patients and your team. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or feel free to call us anytime at 316-683-0178.

Who do I need to notify if I wish to relinquish my hospital privileges or if I am leaving my group?2020-12-07T08:10:37-06:00

If you are retiring, relinquishing hospital privileges, or leaving a group, CLICK HERE to submit your deactivation request. If you are moving groups and will retain your hospital privileges, please submit the contact information for your new group and a new certificate of insurance to mpr-generalfax@mprcred.com and MPR will notify the hospitals of your change in address.

How long does it take to process an Initial Appointment Application?2020-12-07T08:11:30-06:00

Our average turn-around-time (TAT) for processing an Initial Appointment Application is 30 to 35 days.  Some files take longer and some files (especially of a recent graduate) do not take as long to process. If preferred, the file may be released to the client for processing upon request with outstanding verifications sent under separate cover.

Will I be notified of Reappointment packets being sent to my providers?2020-12-07T08:11:44-06:00

Yes, MPR will notify its facility clients of the applications being sent to its providers.  The client will have the ability to request a packet not be mailed to a provider if the applicant is leaving the facility soon or reappointment is not necessary.

Is it necessary to provide a copy of the provider’s clinical privileges to MPR for each reappointment application?2020-12-07T08:12:09-06:00

MPR will include clinical privileges if provided by the client for inclusion in the reappointment packet. Deadlines will apply.

What happens if a provider changes his/her address?2020-12-08T19:27:01-06:00

The credentialing process is deemed a partnership between MPR and its clients. MPR records attach a provider to an address in its database that is consulted for reappointment packets, insurance enrollment, etc. Therefore, it is critical that clients keep MPR updated with the most current address information.

What happens if the contact person at my facility changes?2020-12-07T08:12:35-06:00

Communication is a key component to the success of any credentialing process.  When a service agreement with MPR is signed, a credentialing contact is identified. Please contact MPR if the credentialing contact at your facility changes.

Can I request reports for my facility?2020-12-07T08:12:47-06:00

Reports can be requested as needed. The most common reports requested include a listing of practitioners currently found in the MPR database, the turn-around-time for a given time period (quarterly, annually, etc.) and a credentialing activity report that includes the initial appointment/reappointment activity on all practitioners within a given time frame.

Where can I find my completed initial application and reappointment application files?2020-12-07T08:13:00-06:00

These initial and reappointment files can be accessed by the client on the MPR client portal under a password-protected section that is set up when you sign a service agreement with MPR.

Does the MPR verification process meet primary source verification requirements?2020-12-07T08:15:38-06:00

Yes. Each Initial Appointment Application and Reappointment Application is verified through primary source contacts, therefore meeting all national accreditation and licensing standards.

Where can I find the Request To Send Application form?2020-12-07T08:13:45-06:00
Can I provide the facility-specific information in the initial appointment and reappointment packets?2020-12-07T08:14:38-06:00

Yes, we often have clients that want MPR to include facility-specific information (risk management plans, medical staff bylaws, confidentiality statements, etc.) in the initial appointment packets, reappointment packets or both.

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