Vicki Bond, CEO of Medical Provider Resources, Featured in Wichita Business Journal’s Excellence in Health Care

vicki bond, medical provider resourcesMedical Provider Resources is proud to congratulate Vicki Bond for recently being featured in Wichita Business Journal’s May 2022 Excellence in Health Care category! Learn how Vicki came to establish MPR, her greatest professional achievement, biggest career challenge, most important mentor, advice for someone considering a career in health care, and some of the things she likes to do in her spare time in WBJ’s May 2022 Excellence in Health Care!

“I knew when I was in college health care would be a career that would be ever-changing. I wanted to be challenged. I didn’t enjoy chemistry and knew there would be a need for “behind the scenes” support. Relationship has always been important to me, and it was important I find a career where I could provide support and build relationships. My first degree was in health records management. It became apparent early on; physicians don’t like paperwork. They were not a happy group to be around when completing medical records. I quickly transitioned to healthcare credentialing when I was presented with the opportunity at Wesley Medical Center. I have not been disappointed. Suddenly, I was in the medical staff office and hearing the latest joke of the day or what just happened in the operating room or on morning rounds. It was a challenging but positive vibe. As health care has evolved, the need for different provider types has progressed. It is important that the providers attending to our loved ones are clinically competent. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of researching the education and training of each provider type. It’s a specialty on its own. I’ve enjoyed this little “niche” of credentialing in the health care industry.” – Vicki Bond, CEO of Medical Provider Resources