2015 Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Summary

Client Testimonials

  • “Over the years, Medical Provider Resources has proven excellent credentialing services with their quick turn-around-time and thorough process.  Their standards process helps our facility meet all of our accreditation standards.”  ~ Blaine Miller, Administrator, Republic County Hospital
  • “I depend on Medical Provider Resources to deliver the administrative support we need to lessen the impact of resources needed to meet the insurance enrollment requirements.  This allows us to devote more time to the delivery of quality patient care.” ~ Krista Long, Practice Administrator, Wichita Ob/Gyn
  • “MPR works very well with their clients.  No question is ever minimized or silly.  Every staff member encountered at MPR has ‘made a difference’ in my ability to do my job!”  ~ Joyce White, RN, BSN, MSL, Administrator, Cypress Surgery Center