Required Documents (Part 1) Why are they important?

If you complete an MPR initial appointment application you will find a list of required documents.   I am often asked, “Why do you request these documents?”. I think this question is worth exploring.

Current Curriculum Vitae: Commonly referred to as the CV, this document is considered additional/supplemental information to the application by most credentialing standards.  Because it is considered additional information, it is necessary that MPR verify the items on the CV as well as those listed on the application.  It is preferable the CV match the information on the application because the applicant doesn’t want to appear to be submitting false or fraudulent information on one document or the other.  At MPR we struggle with CVs that are different from the application as it is our responsibility to primary source verify all information.

Current DEA Registration: The DEA is a key document in considering an applicant for privileges.  Although it doesn’t apply to all providers (radiologist and pathologist often times do not prescribe medications and do not require a DEA)  it is the responsibility of the health care facility to verify the provider has a current DEA before they begin to practice at the facility.  Please see my blog on DEA requirements.

Current Certificate of Insurance to Include Proof of Participation in the Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund: Each participating health care facility requires proof of malpractice insurance prior to granting membership/privileges.  MPR is required by contract with each participating health care facility to produce a current certificate of insurance in the completed credentialing file.  Participation in the Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund is mandated for most credentialed professionals by the state of Kansas.  Please see my previous blog on the Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund.

Current Life Support Certificate (ACLS, BLS, PALS, etc.): These certificates are required by some participating health care facilities for providers working in the emergency department.  MPR will track these documents and keep them current for each provider working at a facility requesting our services in tracking these documents.

Post-graduate/medical/osteopathic/dental degree(s) and Certificate of Training (PGY1, Residency, Fellowships, etc.): These documents are often requested by the originating school when verification requests are submitted.  A copy of the training certificate provides the primary source with the proper information from which to locate the record for verification.  MPR will enclose a copy of the certificate with the verification request.

ECFMG Certificate: This certificate is issued by the Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates.  Verification of the ECFMG is preferred by MPR to primary source verify education from any professional school not on US soil.

Next week, Required Documents (Part 2) will be posted!

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