Provider Set Up

Any new provider to the state wants to begin seeing patients as soon as possible. Medical Provider Resources is acutely aware of the tedious documentation needed for a provider to establish a practice in any state. As a benefit to our clients MPR now offers Provider Set Up services to assist with this process.

For physicians and other health care professionals, Provider Set Up services are tailored to the necessary licensure, registration and insurance documents needed to begin practicing within state borders. These services include meeting all the necessary licensing and registration documentation for Kansas state licensure, registering with the DEA, obtaining the appropriate liability insurance certificate and developing a curriculum vitae.

For hospitals and other health care facilities, reviewing the background of a potential practitioner is available through MPR’s Provider Set Up services. Examples of the services available include verifying the health care provider’s background, querying the provider in the National Practitioner Databank, conducting a criminal background check and credit check, querying references and other required verifications.

There are several benefits to all these activities, for both providers and health care facilities:

  • Delivering a snapshot of the individual before employment.
  • Speeding up the initial appointment process for Kansas.

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