MPR Visits with the Great Plains Health Alliance

MPR serves many hospitals and other health care facilities from the state of Kansas.  Many of those hospitals are Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) in Kansas. I’ve enjoyed the connection with these facilities since the early 1990s.  I remember the days of driving across the highways and side-roads of Kansas, often to catch the scenic route, to meet with the small town facilities. CAHs make up the fabric of the health care delivery system in the rural mid-west and they contribute a great service to Kansas.  Since MPR was launched I have lost the ability to routinely connect with these facilities.

Last week, the facilities of the Great Plains Health Alliance convened in Junction City, Kansas.  The facilities of GPHA make up some of my earliest customers.  It was great to re-connect with the GPHA facilities, to hear of their successes and challenges in delivering health care to the rural Kansas population. I had the privilege of taking Nathan Huerter, who works in the areas of Final Quality and Reappointment at MPR, along with me. He has begun processing the reappointment applications for the CAHs, and working with facilities in the GPHA. It was nice to have Nathan at the meetings. It was a great opportunity for him to meet the facilities in which he will be working with and give them all a chance to put faces to names to build stronger working relationships.


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