MPR Launches New Reappointment Process

Two different reappointment applications and two reappointment lists now blended into one seamless process – in an updated design.  Wow, we’ve been busy!

It’s been a journey within a short timeframe, but MPR is now able to launch its new reappointment process.  We’re thrilled and hope our applicants and our clients are pleased with the new forms.

Because we now offer reappointment services for both medical staff and allied health staff, we’ve created separate reappointment applications for each. We’ve worked hard to offer a well thought out application that makes sense to the provider completing the application as well as the client receiving the file for committee approval.

MPR’s new reappointment process is being launched in January 2012 for providers with May dates of birth in even-numbered year.  We welcome any feedback and would like to know your thoughts, so please feel free to chime in!

As always, we wish you the best credentialing experience as we offer best practice support.

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