MPR is Launching an Educational Blog Series!

Education and communication are the keys to success. I’m convinced this is a true statement and it has become a mantra in the MPR office. We often receive questions….Why do we ask for the things we ask for?  What do we do with the information we receive? I want to be responsive to the questions we receive.

MPR recently celebrated our one-year anniversary. This week I am excited to launch a series of educational blogs addressing a different topic each week.  Many of these blogs will cover topics I’ve been asked repeatedly and some blogs will cover new territory in addressing items such as the ECFMG – what is it and why is it necessary?

It’s important that we have the same information to work from and the ability to reference the information necessary when questions do come up.  My hope is the blogs will provide both education and communication as we move forward.  I have a list of topics to present but if you have questions you would like addressed, please let me know (

I look forward to taking this educational journey with each of you.

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