MPR in the Media

Medical Provider Resources has recently been recognized in two publications, the Kansas Connections Newsletter and MD News, for their varied service lines and helping providers have more time to deliver patient care.

The Kansas Connections Newsletter is a publication for the Rural Health Education and Services, and focuses on delivery of care to the rural community. The article “Helping Providers Concentrate on Patient Care” focuses on MPR’s role in allowing providers the most time in delivery of patient care. MPR’s services are crucial because the provider’s time is so limited. If the provider can submit their information once, then the team can message the information to meet the different requirements for hospital privileges and enrollment in the various, ever-growing health plans.

MPR was also featured in the CEO Edition in MD News. The article “Improving Productivity and Profitability – Freeing the Provider to Do More” was an opportunity for MPR to highlight their varied service lines.  The article captures the MPR mission, growth patterns and expanding service lines.


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