MPR Expands Services with Via Christi

Medical Provider Resources entered into an agreement with Via Christi Health Systems to provide system-wide credentialing services effective Feb. 1. The new agreement means MPR will conduct
primary credential verification for all providers and allied health staff seeking practice privileges at Via Christi’s hospitals. The completed file then will be shared among all the Via Christi’s Wichita hospitals,
including Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital. Plans are to expand MPR’s credentialing model to Via Christi’s hospitals in Pittsburgh and Manhattan.

“At Via Christi, we are moving toward our vision of greater efficiency, more centralized and simplified credentialing, and getting physicians and allied health providers on board more quickly. To accomplish this, we have formed a closer working partnership with Medical Provider Resources,”said Steve Nesbit, DO, chief medical officer, Via Christi Hospitals in Wichita.

In the past, completing three different applications was required if a physician or allied health provider, such as a nurse or physical therapist, wanted practice privileges at Via Christi hospitals on
St. Francis and Harry (which operate under a single license), Via Christi Hospital on St. Teresa and Via Christi Rehabilitation.

“With this new working relationship, providers simply request and complete one application. It’s a win for the provider, a win for Via Christi and a win for MPR,” said Vicki Bond, MPR’s chief
operating officer.

The goal of this MSSC-operated entity is to deliver best practice services that help physicians and hospitals efficiently respond to the growing demand for credentialing information and other practice management requirements. Other MPR services available include insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, Kansas licensure renewal and DEA registration or renewal.

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