Kansas State Board of Healing Arts Presents to MSSC – Top 10 Reasons Physicians Stumble

This week brought an awesome opportunity for MPR.  I was able to attend a presentation provided by Kathleen Selzler Lippert, Executive Director of the State Board of Healings Arts.  Kathleen spoke on the “Top 10 Reasons Providers Stumble”. Although her presentation was specific to Kansas, I suspect we would see similar circumstances nationally.

The 10 Ten Reasons:

  1. Errors, Omissions, in Applications
  2. Being Disruptive
  3. Communication – the number one complaint received by the state
  4. Isolation (doing it alone, lacking appropriate supervision and delegation)
  5. Competence
  6. Ignoring Medical Standards
  7. Poor Record Keeping
  8. Impairment- Alcohol, Drugs
  9. Boundary Issues
  10. Prescribing

Some numbers to consider:

The State Board members are appointed by the Governor and consist of 12 licensees:  5 MDs, 3 DOs, 3 DCs, and 1 DPM.  There are also 3 Public members.  Together, the 45 staff members of the state field 150+ complaints per month.  I found that number to be surprising.  Another number from the State Board is 24,000 providers are licensed through this particular regulatory body.  These 45 staff personnel find themselves extremely busy!

Thanks Kathleen for sharing your expertise and information with those that work in the same field of protecting the patient population!  I look forward to next time!

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