Joining Forces

Two Wichita-based organizations with a long history of providing reputable services to hospitals and medical practices have merged their efforts. The Medical Society of Sedgwick County’s Kansas Physician Information Verification Program (KPIVP) and independently-owned Medical Staff Services Inc. (MSSI) joined forces October 1, 2011 to create Medical Provider Resources.

Vicki Bond, CPMSM, MHS is chief operating officer of the new enterprise and its two locations: the MSSC office at 1102 S. Hillside and the East Office at 550 N. 159th St. East. Ms. Bond owned and operated MSSI starting in 1994. Prior to forming MSSI, she was medical staff coordinator at Wichita’s Wesley Medical Center. KPIVP was established by the Medical Society of Sedgwick County in 1985.

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