Individual Meetings Prove Most Effective with MPR Team

What I’ve learned in the world of centralized verification and provider enrollment is the challenge of communication with your clientele. It can be somewhat daunting.  We rarely are afforded the opportunity to meet with our customers or providers face-to-face and rely more and more on voice messages and e-mails.  So I was thrilled this past month to have team MPR meet with several of our Wichita clients as a group.  These meetings are absolutely invaluable as we grow into new processes and meet new demands of our product and our time.

“And putting a name with a face just enhances all communication with each client” says Sue Seaman of MPR.

Team MPR walks away from each meeting with a new perspective of what can be done with the information we collect and present to our client and what processes our different clients apply with the information we provide. We’ve met with several clients recently including Via Christi Hospitals Wichita, Cypress Surgery Center, Galichia Heart Hospital, Via Christi St. Teresa and the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

Most recently we were able to host Team Wesley at MPR and again were able to explore what information is needed and when, the reasons behind the request for different documents and the documentation requirements of the HCA facilities.  The questions are always enlightening and the processes always insightful.  We look forward to hosting other Wichita clients soon as we develop into this documentation model of MPR.

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