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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Information Officer

Nathan Huerter, CPCS, CPMSM

Data Integrity Analyst

Jessica Knoertzer

Director of Initial Appointment & Final Quality

Carol Jones

Initial Appointment Specialist I

Kersten Sand

Initial Appointment Specialist II

Katie Degenhardt

Initial Appointment Specialist

Shan Jabara

Credentialing Specialist

Sara Magnasco

Final Quality Specialist I

Kamie Etzler

Final Quality Specialist

Kayla Ragan

Final Quality Specialist

Final Quality Assistant

Amy Arnhold

Director of Reappointment

Sue Seaman

Reappointment Specialist

Isabel Gibbs

Reappointment Assistant

Robbin Smith

Director of Provider Enrollment

Nancy Stuchlik

Provider Enrollment Specialist I

Shanon Ashley

Provider Enrollment Specialist

Rose Bura

Provider Enrollment Specialist

Samantha Ramos

Provider Enrollment Specialist

Sarah Rivera

Provider Enrollment Specialist

Kimberly Hedrick