2019 Small Business Awards Finalist

Medical Provider Resources was recently named a finalist for the 15th annual Small Business Awards program through the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce. MPR was one of three Tier 2 companies (6 to 20 full time employees), other Tier 2 finalists include Headshots Bar & Grill and National Screening Bureau. Click here to see the other finalists.

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  1. Excellent video MPR Team. It is sad that I have been working with MPR for the past 3 years and finally getting around to viewing this video. You all are fantastic; I credit MPR for teaching me about Credentialing and privileging. When I accepted the HR position at HealthCore Clinic, Credentialing was truly a foreign language. However, thanks to the dedication, willingness, and patience of your staff to assist in my education, I now feel somewhat of an expert. It has truly been invaluable. Continued success to your entire organization.

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